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Tidy Tuesdays

Tidy Tuesday is a fun weekly data science project in R. Data-sets are released weekly on Github for users to practice tidying and visualizing data. Here are some of my submissions!

Tidy Tuesday Week 12: Hurricane Media Coverage in the US

Week 12's data focused on the disproportionately low coverage of Hurricane Maria, affecting Puerto Rico and Domenica, relative to other hurricanes hitting the US mainland. Here I combined media coverage, measured in mentions, compared to the number of deaths from each hurricane. 

Tidy Tuesday Week 13: Global alcohol consumption trends

Week 13 looked at alcohol consumption trends across the world. I merged the alcohol consumption data with country characteristics such as GDP, life expectancy, etc. and compared correlations between consumption with these characteristics. 

Tidy Tuesday Week 16: Exercise data for adults in the US

Week 16 used data collected by the CDC on the % of adults in each state who meet the federal exercise guideline. I created an interactive shiny app to explore the differences between states, genders, and the working and non-working classes. Check it out here.

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