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Our Brains and Us


Adobe Photoshop, qualitative participant interviews

Our Brains and Us is a work in progress research project

I am currently working under the supervision of Dr. Suparna Choudhury. We have two ongoing research projects - a literature review on the translation of neuroscientific research into educational curricula, and a non-traditional, photojournalistic exploration on the relationship between mental health and mental health systems. 

Project 1: Lived experiences in the mental health system

Our first work in progress project is a photojournalistic exploration on individual, lived experiences in the mental health system. I am working in collaboration with Nancy Ferranti to collect personal stories that will be published on a web-platform. We aim to examine themes of autonomy in current psychiatric systems, attitudes about neuroscientific language in mental health, and how current discourse in public and clinical realms affect one's perception of their own well-being. My involvement includes recruiting participants, conducting semi-structured interviews, and photographing the process.

"I am not broken." 

Charlotte, 2018

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